Google Is Breaking Up Google+


After many failed attempts to revive the almost-dormant social networking service Google+, Google Inc. has finally decided to break it up into smaller chunks that it hopes will generate more demand and, hence, revenue, as has been announced by the Vice President of Google+, Bradley Horowitz.

Google+, Google’s version of Facebook-like social networking website, has received much criticism ever since its inception in 2011. The company has built upon the framework set three years ago, however has failed to garner much demand for the service from the general public, thanks to the ever-increasing demand of Facebook, the largest social network on cyber net, which hosts around a billion people on it at the time.

According to Horowitz, some specialized services offered in Google+, that have garnered much attention from the general public, will be separated from the social networking service, and be operational and accessible by the public as standalone services. The two most demanded services on Google+ are “Photos” and “Streams”, and these are what Horowitz wishes to continue with as Google+ slowly fades away into the background.

This indicates that Google+ will cease to exist altogether, and what will remain are these two services. Industry analysts have applauded this move by Horowitz, calling it a step in the right direction to save Google from any further embarrassment being caused by Google+. The service has been termed as ‘dormant’ by many industry experts, who term Google+ as existing for the sake of existing. Some experts also call Google+ the worst project put forward by the company, considering the indestructible market dominance that Facebook enjoys in the market.

The two services that Horowitz plans to offer from the remains of Google+ are unique in their functions, and this fact will garner Google Inc. much reward when the services are officially launched in the market as standalone ones. “Photos” is especially popular among the general public, as it offers built-in tools to edit the picture before posting it on social networking websites. The service is expected to support all the major social networking websites, including Facebook, allowing users to edit their pictures and post it on their desired service without any extra work.

No official announcement about the ultimate fate of Google+ has been made by Google Inc. However, Sundar Pichai, the SVP of products at the company, has intimated that it will cease to exist, stating that the service will be split up into services that will better be able to cater to the needs of the users. In a statement given to the press, Pichai said that the company will increasingly “focus on communications, photos and the Google+ Stream as three important areas” in the future.

Another Google service that may be next to be split off into pieces is Google Hangouts, Google’s much demanded service on all platforms. Although the service is doing excellently in the market, it may not be able to sustain its demand in the market due to increasing competition, some experts have predicted. However, for now, Hangouts remains as it is, and Google+ is witnessing its final days.

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