Visa Partnerships Creating Growing In-car Commerce


Step aside e-commerce and mobile commerce in favor of in-car commerce? This is the latest move that Visa’s partnerships are hoping will be the next big thing in the world of commerce.

Visa announced it is collaborating with Accenture and Pizza Hut to allow consumers to purchase goods from the comfort and convenience of their cars, a business measure that will be featured at the Mobile World Congress this week.

The three brands are partnering to establish a connected car that would be installed with Visa Checkout, an online payment service. Also, the trio will work on cellular connectivity, Bluetooth Low Energy and Beacon technology installed at Pizza Hut restaurants, which will inform staff of when the customer has arrived and is ready to pick up their order.

In addition, Visa noted that an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will be used to permit the drive to order their item and authenticate the purchase as they keep both hands on the steering wheel.

Accenture will be the one to manage the system integrations. The companies expect to test out the in-car purchase experience in Northern California this spring for three months. Visa says this is an important development because of the exponential growth in the connected car market.

“By 2020 it is estimated that more than 250 million vehicles worldwide will include some form of embedded connectivity,” said Bill Gajda, Visa’s senior vice president of Innovation and Strategic Partnerships, in a statement. “As the number of connected cars on the road increases, so does our ability to bring secure online commerce to consumers everywhere. We initially focused on a specific use case – ordering a meal on your way home – but we envision a world where consumers can seamlessly make many of their everyday purchases from the car.”

Gajda’s estimations isn’t much of an exaggeration. A previous Gartner marketing report projected the number of Wi-Fi enabled vehicles to rise to approximately 150 million by 2020.

Soon, motorists could very well buy a box of pizza or purchase cups of coffee while they’re in the middle of a traffic jam.

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